Chroma: n. (krō’mə) A pure and vivid color, saturated. [Greek, color]

Anomaly: n. (ə-nŏm’ə-lē) A deviation from normal. [Latin, not even]

It’s no accident that the name of this blog came from words of Greek and Latin origin. While many feel that photography, color, design, perception, etc are arts . . . I am personally convinced that all art is in fact science. And while I’m quite certain that I am a rather poor artist, I think I could make a case that I’m a pretty good scientist.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t “explain” art with science. But I can explain some art with science. And given enough time I know I could explain some more art . . . and eventually it should be theoretically possible to explain all art.

I suppose I should step back. This is a blog about art. And in particular photography. It is also a blog about science. In particular color (light) and perception (psychology). And why would someone write a blog about such a seemingly abstract topic? Because I’m colorblind. Which means the only way I can be absolutely sure that I see the same thing that you see is to measure it. And because I’m a poor artist as mentioned above, the only medium I can reliably work in is photography :p

Oh, this is also a blog about me. So if you’re here for art or science, you will have to excuse the occasional life story. Don’t worry too much though, most of my life stories come illustrated with photos . . . so they probably relate in some way.