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Photographing (and cooking) food

My first foray in to photographing food was while my fiancee was baking. While she was distracted with the flour and eggs (I don’t bake for the record), I snuck a few photos. My first inclination was to try out my macro lens since I generally feel that amateur food pictures suffer from the depth [...]

Giant Insect Photos

I”m catching on I finally got my head wrapped around what I need to do to take good macro photos. As I’ve mentioned before, because macro photography generally involves getting the camera lens right up close to a really small subject, there isn’t much available light to reflect back into the camera. This results in [...]

Learning to Use a Macro Lens

It takes practice. And patience. And lots of small things to photograph. But I think I”m finally catching on to using my new 100mm Macro Lens. I took it along with me on a backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park last weekend, along with my 28mm-135mm Standard Zoom Lens that came with my Canon 40D. [...]