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Another Day, Another Broomball Tournament

Another day, another broomball tournament . . . or at least that’s how it seems lately! (I’m not complaining though, I like it ). Last weekend was the annual tournament in Des Moines, IA. By the way, I really cannot recommend traveling to Des Moines if you’re looking for a fun vacation. But they do [...]

Defending Broomball Champions Fall Flat

Back to Indianapolis last weekend for the second broomball tournament this year, and we brought a couple other local teams with us . . . but things did not go so well for our defending champion team. What can you do though, we’re a relatively new team, we don’t play together regularly, and a few [...]

Syracuse – Northern Wasteland of Broomball

So I spent last weekend in Syracuse. Yes, I voluntarily traveled to cold snowy Central New York in January. But for one weekend every January, Syracuse is the Mecca of North American broomball, hosting the annual Can-Am Broomball Tournament. Syracuse is also home to the annual ass-kicking of Cincinnati broomball teams (as in, we get [...]

Broomball Champions

Ok, so my first post is totally unrelated to photography, sorry everyone! I just spent all day yesterday at a broomball tournament in Indianapolis. We played 5 games in 7 hours, one of which went into double overtime Needless to say I am a bit sore today, hehe. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on the tournament [...]