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Engagement Photos

I’ve been gone for awhile thanks to having one heck of a busy summer. I’m sure you can guess from the photo to the left, or perhaps from the post title . . . but one of the things keeping me busy was getting engaged And considering that I was single at the beginning of [...]

Giant Insect Photos

I”m catching on I finally got my head wrapped around what I need to do to take good macro photos. As I’ve mentioned before, because macro photography generally involves getting the camera lens right up close to a really small subject, there isn’t much available light to reflect back into the camera. This results in [...]

Let’s Talk Lighting

Lighting? What does that have to do with color or perception? Well lots of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it Light is how we see color in the first place – light bounces off objects and into our eye – and not all lights are made equal. Have you ever noticed the color [...]

HDR Ice Storm

We got one heck of an ice storm in Cincinnati this past week. Actually, these things are getting to be a regular occurance around here in the winter. Must be global warming or some such thing :p Anyway, as much as I hate the cold, and as much as I hate the way Cincinnati people [...]