Ok, so my first post is totally unrelated to photography, sorry everyone!

I just spent all day yesterday at a broomball tournament in Indianapolis. We played 5 games in 7 hours, one of which went into double overtime :eek: Needless to say I am a bit sore today, hehe. Anyway, here’s the lowdown on the tournament . . . We walk out on the ice to find it wet cut (broomball regulations say it’s supposed to be dry cut), and then find out we’re using stitched balls instead of rubber ones. That threw off the whole team for a bit, but we won our first game and were feeling pretty good about it. Then had a break where we watched “The Grinch” take an easy first half and then slaughter their opponent in the second. Good news for us, since we played “The Grinch” next and lost :( We battled our way through the loosers bracket to end up facing the still undefeated Grinch in the championship game of a double elimination tournament. Tie game. 5 min sudden death overtime still didn’t determine a winner. On to the shootout, which we pulled out of with a 1-0 win :!: But that just meant one more game against the dreaded Grinch . . . and by this point both teams were absolutely exhausted!

End result of the tournament: the Cincinnati Royals are the Broomball Champions of Indianapolis!! (and yes, we looked hot wearing our purple jerseys)

I didn’t score in the tournament (I’ve been on a dry spell for awhile now), but I did have 2 assists. That will do for me :) And I lead the tournament for penalty minutes :lol: Yup, big brute that I am (5’7″, 130lbs) I just couldn’t help drawing the first whistle in the entire tournament when a guy twice my size tripped over my foot as we fought for the ball and took a deliberate dive. No one else could catch up with my 2min in the penalty box either, though our team did draw the only other two whistles blown in the rest of the tournament. It was so bad that guys who were “tripped”, “slashed”, or “roughed” were laughing and patting the offending players on the back admitting that it was a terrible call. Oh well.

There would be some photo lessons involved with this story, but the pics from the tournament aren’t posted yet (I didn’t have a camera – I was too busy playing!). There was some brutal sublimation going on, and because the rink didn’t have dehumidifiers there was so much fog and haze that the goalies couldn’t see eachother by the end of the day. Which certainly makes for some interesting photo-taking conditions. I’ll see if I can snag a couple to talk about here soon :)