Back to Indianapolis last weekend for the second broomball tournament this year, and we brought a couple other local teams with us . . . but things did not go so well for our defending champion team. What can you do though, we’re a relatively new team, we don’t play together regularly, and a few of us were having really bad weeks. I did put in a nice goal and had a couple assists though, so at least I broke my dry spell. Hopefully we can clean up our act in time for the Des Moines tournament in a month . . . though of course the team will be a little different and the competition much tougher :P

I was pretty beat this week after the tournament on Saturday, then coming back to play a local broomball game with no subs on Sunday. A couple crisises at work with a major experimental operation kicking off in Germany this week didn’t help matters either.  And today was District Science fair at UC, which I judge every year. Not that judging a science fair is stressful, but it basically shoots a weekend day for me.  I can’t believe I’ve been judging science fairs for 13 years now, almost half of my life!

I know I owe you some photos with my new macro lens, but it’s got a bit more of a learning curve to it than I anticipated . . . nothing I’m happy with yet. But I’ve got a backpacking trip planned to Shennandoah in 2 weeks, so I should have some good stuff coming back from that :) Will be my first trip with the new camera as well (plus the extra lens, I hope I can carry all my gear :P )